“I am willing to be healed, I am willing to love, I am open to the universe’s guidance, I am consciousness.”

Healing therapy in Manchester

“I am willing to be healed, I am willing to love, I am open to the universe’s guidance, I am consciousness.”
If you need healing therapy or help with personal development, give me a call. Contact I Am Consciousness.

What I can help you with

Access consciousness

This is essentially a different point of view of life. It is an idea that states that you're not wrong and you have an awareness that consciousness can shift anything.

Theta healing

Theta healing is ancient knowledge that we are rediscovering only now. This is an energy healing and personal development modality that could bring positive changes.

Healing group work

I offer one to one healing sessions and group sessions. Contact me today as I offer access consciousness appointments and theta healing within a group setting.

I offer different types of therapies which help you achieve more relaxation, ease and calm in your life.I provide a space for you to meet yourself. To be yourself unconditionally and help you connect with parts of you you may have forgotten about. The therapies I facilitate offer you the capacity to go deep into relaxation and letting go of that which no longer serves you and you are ready to let go of . 

As you allow this process to happen naturally your life will start to improve. If it is emotional, physical or mental pain which is causing you problems you can start the journey of self realization and healing. Knowing fully that is only ever you who can heal yourself. I am just a facilitator providing you with the space to do so. If you are ready for the truth of who you are and needing some much needed space to be your authentic self, ready to start the process of being who you really are, then please do come and see me.

Call I Am Consciousness on
07889 869 582
for healing therapy and personal development in Manchester
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