“I am willing to be healed, I am willing to love, I am open to the universe’s guidance, I am consciousness.”

Access consciousness in Manchester

What future can you create with the choice you make today. Bringing more ease, joy and grace. Enjoy life.

What are access bars?

The access bars are 32 bars of energy that are known to run through and around your head. They connect to various aspects of your life. These bars store electromagnetic components. When touched or massaged, they help you in many ways. Access bars have helped many people change many aspects of their lives. People have reported better health, ease in sleeping peacefully, relief from anxiety and stress.


Access consciousness

Once you received Access Consciousness, you will feel deep relaxation, energised and things in your life will shift. You will move into more alignment with your higher self.

Manifesting abundance

Why limit yourself and the possibilities of achieving more? With manifesting abundance, you learn to believe that you are no longer stuck. That collaboration can bring success to all.

For access consciousness
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