“I am willing to be healed, I am willing to love, I am open to the universe’s guidance, I am consciousness.”

Group meditation in Manchester

Work on inner healing with me at I Am Consciousness. I help many people in Manchester.

Why choose healing group work?

Help you feel positive 

Work on inner healing 

Don’t need to meditate alone 

Help in processing your emotions 

Help in finding your inner potential

Healing group work

This involves many people coming together and work on inner healing as a group. The healer will help you process any emotions and show you techniques to feel more positive.

Group meditation

If you like meditating, but find it hard to start on your own, give me a call. I offer excellent group meditation appointments. I work with many people in Manchester.
Need an aroma touch massage?
Call I Am Consciousness on
07889 869 582
for healing therapy and personal development in Manchester
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