“I am willing to be healed, I am willing to love, I am open to the universe’s guidance, I am consciousness.”

Personal development in Manchester

At I Am Consciousness, I provide personal development services to clients in Manchester. I can also provide Aromatouch massage and Intuitive massage. Have a look the customer reviews to find out what my clients think about the work we do together, then contact mefor more information. 

An excellent massage service
Whether you are feeling tension in your neck or are a little stiff, I can help with an excellent massage service. Contact I Am Consciousness today. If you need aroma massages with essential oils that could relax you and take away some stress, I am here to help. I can also help you reprogram your subconscious mind.
Aromatherapy with Soraya 
“I had a lovely aromatherapy yesterday evening. Soraya was lovely the massage was lovely very relaxing the lovely smells of the oils I felt very relaxed and first time in a long time I had a decent sleep so thank you very much. I would recommend trying it.feel very relaxed today so thank you. I will be coming back for more and hopefully try other things that are on offer.” 
25 Apr 2019 
Great place, great service 
“Excellent services provided in a lovely place, with a bright and positive outlook. I felt safe, comfortable, supported and encouraged. The only reason my review is not 5 stars is that the business is still being set up and there is a bit of noise and interruption during the quietness of therapy. I understand this will change soon.”
26 Feb 2019 
A beautiful connecting experience 
“I had a beautiful session today with Soraya. We first spoke about all the fears and limitations I have put upon myself which have kept me stuck these past years. I felt supported and held in a safe space which she created for me to dive deep into these parts of my being I wish to set free. Soraya then went onto a therapy called Access Consciousness. I felt relaxed the whole time during and after the session. Soraya is truly remarkable at what she does and works with you to get to the core of the perceived problems we are experiencing. I highly recommend and will be back for another session next week.” 
21 Feb 2019 
Healing experience 
“I went to see Soraya because I had a sore head, neck and back pain. I had some massage and also a deeper energetic treatment. Soraya has a very healing touch which supports and reinforces this energy work; I found the experience deeply moving and beneficial. Afterwards, when the pain had gone I realised the pain had been physical and emotional. I will definitely make time to have further treatments from Soraya and recommend it to anyone as very valuable at all levels. Thank you!”
Soraya x 
19 Feb 2019 
Heart felt healing 
“I had a wonderful access bars session with Soraya today. Soraya is extremely warm and friendly and used her vast skills to guide me into a place where I felt safe to let go of judgements and anxieties I have been carrying for some time. I felt a number of releases during our session and felt really held, nurtured and heard by Soraya. The Yoga Cafe has a beautiful energy growing and Soraya’s enthusiasm is infectious and heart felt. A really healing experience for me.” 
18 Feb 2019 
“Lovely atmosphere – I was told exactly what the treatment consisted of (theta) as I had never experienced this before. When the treatment was over I just wanted to stay in that lovely space.”
17 Feb 2019 
Pregnancy massage 
“Had a great experience. I am pregnant and with psoriasis. She really accommodated to my needs so I got to relax and enjoy. Highly recommend.”
02 Feb 2019 
“Very professional, extremely relaxing and calming. 
I really enjoyed that I felt able to ask for what I wanted as well as being asked what I wanted which allowed it to to be more designed for what I needed. 
Highly recomend :)”
02 Feb 2019 
Rewarding experience. 
“Extremely relaxing and soothing experience. A gentle and sift approach with rewarding and invigorating sensation.”
28 Dec 2018 
Beautiful experience 
“I loved that Soraya was able to come to my home and made it a beautiful relaxing space not just table up and massage! 
I felt much more relaxed and at peace after the treatment and I was in a v tense distressed space beforehand. Thank you!”
26 Nov 2018 
A lovely form of therapy. The therapist is a very experienced person who has developed tools to help 
“I had a lovely experience of this therapy. The massage was very good. The discussion afterwards helped me to recognise feelings and triggers in my own life that hinder me. I will return to I Am Consciousness.”
15 Nov 2018 
Super intuitive and personal massage. 
“Soraya is very professional yet also very personal in her approach. She will tailor your massage and is very intuitive in understanding exactly what your mind and body needs to relax, let go and find your space for growth. Thank you for a really enjoyable experience.” 
21 Oct 2018 
Lovely massage in my own home. 
“Soraya gave me one of the best, most relaxing massages I’ve ever had. It was a bonus that she came to my house. I feel so much better!”
09 Oct 2018 
Wonderful experience. Professional, intuitive and powerful 
“I have received an aromatherapy massage from Soraya. It was a surprise how professional she was, she was very informative giving me explanations of the physical, mental and emotional effects and benefits of the oils. The massage itself was gentle and effective and combined with the aromas I felt completely rejuvenated in mind and body. The quality of the oils is brilliant, no other oils I have experienced come close. 
My only criticism was that it was over too quickly!”
06 Oct 2018 
Amazing technique! 
“My massage was blissful! Soraya has got the touch – I have never had such a relaxing, gentle but effective massage, I just felt so at peace. I would have liked it to never end! And it lead me to the best night’s sleep in a long time. Thank you, my intuitive massage was just what I needed!” 
14 May 2018 
A healing experience 
“Warm, friendly and welcoming. I was very happy with the confident holistic approach. 
I felt much lighter a few sleeps later and have done overall since. 
I would use I Am Consciousness again, yes.”
02 May 2018 
“She really knows what she is doing. I had a very nice and efficient back massage. Would do it again!”
20 Mar 2018 
Deep Healing 
“Soraya has been a personal friend for ten years. She has helped me in numerous ways in areas of personal development and recently with aroma therapy. The setting is homely and warm making an ideal place for healing and personal growth. Soraya is a person of high integrity with deep life insights as well as competence in the various healing modalities she offers. I recommend Soraya wholeheartedly. 
Ross Williams, meditation teacher “
07 Dec 2017 
Life changing 
“Soraya is a wonderful human being, she is a highly intuitive, charismatic woman, just being in her presence will light you up. 
I have known Soraya on a personal level for over 10 years and she has guided and supported me through all my life situations. My road has been a bumpy one like most people with many twists and turns. The main issue which I have been dealing/coping with is chronic pain. Soraya has helped me on all levels, physically, mentally and spiritually to overcome this obstacle in my life. She has guided me to go deeper into the pains message through EFT, intuitive massage and Energy healing. 
The treatments she offers work very well, they all compliment each other, resulting in an overall balance and understanding of physical and emotional pain. I do not see pain as a problem anymore, I am no longer a victim. My life has changed so much these past 2 years, I am loving life again…… I would highly recommend this wonderful lady to anyone.”
20 Nov 2017 
Very good ..really helped me. Treatment’s great! Felt relaxed and empowered 
“Very professional/supportive/engaging.
I would use again and recommend it.”
19 Nov 2017 
Transformative Life Changing 
“They say when you are ready your teacher appears well if you are considering working with Soraya then its time for an awakening. 
Questions such as who am I, what is my purpose and accessing untold gifts that will bring such positive, cathartic and transformative powers to your life you wont regret being guided here. 
She changed my life pure and simple. Stripped away blocks and harnessed energy that propelled me forward into not a new chapter of my life but a whole new damn book! 
Nothing is random. So don’t hold the what ifs and the whys but connect with your ‘I am’ ready for this and I have called my teacher. 
17 Nov 2017 
Luxurious aromatherapy massage 
“I was greeted with relaxing music and warm lighting. I told the therapist that I felt run down and wasn’t sleeping well so she prepared an oil that was calming and re-energising at the same time. The massage itself was deeply relaxing. It was firm enough to loosen the tension in my shoulders and neck but not too firm as to be painful. The therapist kept checking in with me and moved slowly. Her voice was calm and reassuring. After the massage I had lots of time to rest before heading out.” 
17 Nov 2017 
Need an aroma touch massage?
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